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Carpet Cleaning

When It Comes to Carpet...If We Can't Clean It, Pull It Out!

AlfaPro Carpet Cleaning Prides itself on being able to clean Both the Dirtiest Of Carpet and the Most Gentle Textiles. We are well versed in the ability to Distinguish and Determine Both your Carpet Type and your Soiling Type. Using Combinations of Modern Technology and On The Job Experience! With Newer Generation Carpets this is a very Important Procedure. More Chemical is Not Always the Answer. If a company is not using the Correct Chemicals for Your Carpet and Soiling, They are either "Spinning their Wheels or Damaging your Floors."

One Size Does NOT FIT ALL with Today's Diverse Array of Carpet Textiles!

Here at AlfaPro Carpet Cleaning we  carry Presprays & Rinses to Clean Any and All Carpet Textiles. Our Trucks are Stocked with only Premium Products that have been Tested and Proven to do the job Correctly. AlfaPro Tests all Products In House to insure Predictability, Cleaning Strengths and Residue Levels. This allows us to give You the Customer the Best Cleaning Possible!

Do We Know Everything?

No, Noone does. But we are backed by Our Distributors, their Knowledge, and at times even their Chemists Knowledge! Bringing you a Very Diverse but Complete Body of Knowledge. If we do not have the answer...We Will Find It!

AlfaPro is able to clean everything from Low Nap Commercial to Deep Tuft Frieze! And Thanks to the the Low or No Residue Products that are used on Every job, Your carpet will stay Cleaner Longer and have Major Reductions in Resoiling and Bleed Back. (Reoccurring Stains)

AlfaPro uses only Large Commercial Truckmount Extraction Units mainly designed for Large Areas and Heavily Soiled Carpets. All of our Units have the Ability to Run at Steam! Most companies only call it Steam Extraction, when in all actuality it is Hot Water Extraction! For most Jobs our machines are Overkill. But this gives Every Customer the Benefit of More Heat, (When Needed up to 250F+) more Vacuum and Less Chemicals. This also Translates into Faster Drying Times and a More Thorough Cleaning.

We also offer Older Style Cleaning Methods such as Bonnet Cleaning. Almost a Lost Art. This method is still one of the best ways to clean Certain Commercial Carpets. Usually Low Nap Glue Down.

For More Information on Cleaning, or to Schedule an Appointment Please Call AlfaPro Direct.

AlfaPro Carpet Cleaning
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