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Ceramic Tile - Grout & Stone Cleaning

Maintaining the original shine and luster of ceramic tiles requires routine maintenance. Usually cleaning is only Required Once or Twice a year Depending on your Setting. 

AlfaPro has the ability to Clean Ceramic -Porcelain & Natural Tile - & Natural Stone.
We achieve this High Level of Cleaning using Extremely Safe Chemicals without any Harsh Smells or Additives. All Tile & Stone is Cleaned with High Heat (Up To 240f) & High Pressure! (Up to 1500psi) This is all accomplished within a controlled area by using Specialized Tools For Tile - Stone & Grout Cleaning. Areas are Cleaned and Vacuumed Simotaniously.

Proper cleaning of ceramic tile will result in a continuous new appearance, even when the tile endures high traffic volumes.
 However, if you begin to notice high traffic areas becoming increasingly dingy you may need have a Touch up or Additional Cleaning.

Most Tile or Stone Cleaning can be Performed with Very Little Interruption of Your Every Day Business or Lifestyle. Surface areas are Generally Dry in Under 15 minutes. Grout  Line areas can take up to 6 hrs to Dry, But can accept traffic almost Immediately.

We are also able to Polish Certain Types of Natural Stone & Natural Tile.

For More Information on Tile - Stone - & Grout Cleaning or Stone Polishing, Please Contact AlfaPro Direct.

AlfaPro Carpet Cleaning
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